New Home Design Plans

Design Process (Please print this page)

For Custom Design House Plans the process is simple. I will work with your ideas to create your new home design plans. Please gather your thoughts, sketches and clippings and let’s get started. 

Soon after reviewing your ideas, or our first meeting, I will provide a preliminary set of your new home design. Discuss with friends, family and make notes. Design plans include a preliminary set, two mark-up sets and final set for a total of four sets (additional work at my hourly rate).  Preliminary and first mark-up set come with a 3D Model you can view on your computer.

After your new home design is finished, your contractor will take the design plans to a truss manufacture. It is commonly misconstrued that truss engineering and structural engineering are the same. Truss manufactures only engineer the truss, not the walls and foundation. This is done by the structural engineer.

Presently most Florida building departments require a structural engineer to review house plan designs and certify all structural elements on the engineering plans. The structural engineer will use the design plans and the truss engineering plans to create structural drawings. The structural engineering plans tell the builder and building inspectors the type and placement of tie downs, header and beam sizes for openings, footer sizes and other requirements that must comply with the current building code. 

Some developments have an Architectural Review Board (ARB) that review your new home plans to ensure the home will fit the feel and look of the neighborhood. This extra step requires design criteria information from the ARB before the design process can be started. Please obtain the ARB requirements for your neighborhood.

So let’s review:

  • Home design plans
  • Truss engineering
  • Structural engineer
  • Permits
  • Build
  • C.O. (certificate of occupancy)
  • Move in

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